Kikuyu is a North African (Kenyan) grass which is light to dark green with a soft creeping mat. It is hard wearing, handles traffic (activity) well and is persistent in growth.Can be planted via runners, sods, sprigs or dispersed via seed. Kikuyu can be used for sports fields, at schools, creches, and homes, and can be used as pasture for livestock grazing. It is drought tolerant as long as the soil is prepared correctly. Kikuyu is also the cheapest lawn on the market.


Buffalo lawn is coarse and hard, with a thick blade and broad root, and ranges from yellow to dark green , with red, purple undertones. It is a slow growing, surface grass (the runners grow on the surface of the soil) and as such does not deal well with high and continuous traffic (activity).

LM Berea

LM Berea gets its name from Lorenzo Marquez Berea and can be found in the east coast of Africa, the east coasts of South America, and in Australia. The lawn has a soft curly blade which is light green in colour and offers good coverage. It is a surface runner lawn and therefore does not handle high traffic (activity) well.

Cynodon (Kaapse Fynkweek)

This lawn type (of which there are six common varieties) is indigenous to the Cape and, if well cultivated, is a soft (can be coarse if not watered and mowed regularly) fine bladed lawn, ranging from light yellow to grey green. Cynodon is an extremely tough and hard wearing lawn due to its deep root system and can tolerate high traffic (activity) due to its rapid rate of recovery – its almost impossible to eradicate. The seed heads are produced in a cluster of 3-7 spikes (rarely 2) together at the top of the stem, each spike being 3-6cm long.



Our compost is made out of organic material (straw, saw dust) and manure. The nutrients in the compost enrich and put back organic matter into your garden. It is great for plants and grass and must be used during the planting stage to create a water sponge and organic stimulant.


Topsoil is used to level out the area before laying of lawn and flower beds. It is composed of 80 (soil) 20 (compost) mix. The soil itself may consist of sand, clay, loam.

Sifted Topdressing

Topdressing levels out and feeds the lawn and is best used on top of grass. This is a combination of  sifted compost, manure and river sand.




Cynodon seeds can spread extremely quickly under ideal conditions. It is a hardy lawn and highly adaptable. Sowing density 20-40grams per m² or 200-400 kg per hectare. Sowing season- Autumn and Spring.

Shade Over

Shade over lawn requires more maintenance than Kikuyu and Cynodon lawn. It is a shady mixture of summer and winter grasses which is capable of growing better in shaded areas. Sowing density 20-40grams per m2 or 200-400kg per hectare. Sowing season-Autumn and Spring.


Fesque seed is a seed which is used in conjunction with existing lawn. It aids in making the lawn thicker, greener and healthier. Watering is essential. 


Kikuyu grows easily from seed. Its is generally low maintenance, tolerant of cold temperatures and forms a thick mat. Kikuyu coated seed sowing density  3-5 g/m² – 30-50kg per hectare.

Soil Boosters

Turbo Lawn Booster

Feeds and enriches plants, lawn and soil (leaf and root growth). It is a compound (all round) fertiliser with slow release agents. Turbo can be used under and over the  lawn. It needs to be washed in and repeated at least 4 times a year.


Corrects soil (encouraging micro-organisms) and stimulates root growth. Put it under or over the lawn in arid soils. It washes in easily, but is best dug in prior to planting.


Gypsum corrects the PH level of the soil, and is used in areas the PH is extremely low (under trees or acidic areas).


Add On Products


Peach Pips



Chip Stone

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