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Before laying new lawn, please follow the below:

  • Prepare your foundation well, (a bad ground preparation is bad for the lawn). The better you prepare the area, the neater, nicer, and healthier lawn will you get. It helps with water-saving and lots of maintenance later.
  • Remove all cement/rubble, this could be acidic and burn the roots. Check your drain levels and damage up off the water.
  • A good Compost/Manure is good and natural foods. Superphosphate and Agri lime is a “must”,  you have one chance to do it correctly again.

New lawn care


  • The Kikuyu sods- water daily 20-30 minutes on 50 m2 every morning, for 14 days, between 4 am and 9 am if temperatures rise above 28% water 10 minutes between 13h and 5h30, it takes 2 weeks for Kikuyu grass to grow, please do this for 14 days, and all the other grasses like Buffalo, Cynodon or LM Berea, takes, 25 up to 45 days to root, please note watering should be daily for 25 t0 45 days.


  • It is not necessary to fertilize in the first 10 days, there is no root to absorb the food, thereafter you can fertilise with a wide range of fertilizer however an organic fertilizer will do less damage to new grass and roots (ex bounce back/ eco enhance). The first cut happens on Kikuyu after 14 days and other grass +- 25 to 35 days. Topdressing can happen after the first cut or after 2 to 4 cuts later if necessary.


  • After the first cut, if it is Kikuyu, after 14 days, you can water your lawn 20-30 min, 2 to 3 times a week, if it is very hot then 3 times on the grass.   If it is Buffalo, Cynodon, LM Berea, then after +-35 days, you can water 20-30 minutes, 2 to 3 times a week. The lawn will take 2 to 3 months to become a healthy lawn.

A few “Do Not’s” on the new lawn:


  • If there is a lot of moisture, this can breed out fungi, pests, lawn caterpillars and rust. (possibly water at night as the wet won’t let the lawn get sick, especially the new lawn).
  • Don’t try raking over a lawn and never scratch or dig.
  • Do not let pets urinate on new lawns. Give it time.
  • No heavy and consistent traffic on grass, allow at least 3 weeks before heavy allowing consistent traffic.
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