• Lack of fertiliser (food)
  • Insufficient or bad water
  • Fungus, worms and or pests
  • LM Berea
  • Wonder Lawn
  • Shade Over
  • Human error: Incorrect application of poison, fertiliser and watering.
  • Water: Watering during the wrong time of the day, watering too much or too little.
  • Soil PH: An area under trees may cause acidity, incorrect fertilising and dog (urine) spots can affect the PH of the soil.
  • Borehole: Should be tested for salt and iron content (affects PH which stunts growth).
  • Grey water: Ideally should be put into a tank for solids to settle and use within 2 days – tap off cleaner water from middle of tank; do not allow water to run on one spot, vary location (use PH enhancers like agrilime and gypsum).
  • Untested water may eventually kill your lawn.

Watering, insects, soil blends, weed killers, fertiliser spills

Frost, lawn type, cold, wet, lack of sun, too much shade.

Depending on the grass you are looking to plant, you would add a good layer of compost or a compost, topsoil mix.

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