About Us

Home Grown Roll On Lawn

Greenview Farming was a venture started by Charl Marais in the late 1980’s on his family’s farm. Originally the care taken in growing the lawn was due to the necessity of feeding cattle.
The rich Durbanville soil and the abundance of manure meant that the grass thrived. Through Charl’s passion of creating work, the rich Durbanville soil and the abundance of lawn, Greenview Farming was established.

Greenview started with just transporting and the laying of lawn, we have now evolved to a company which offers soil, soil related products, irrigation, and other full service solutions. 

Furthermore, we recognise the desire to conserve space and beauty in the garden even in times of drought, which is why we now offer add on services and products such as paving, chip stone, peach pips, and bark to keep your garden looking brilliant.

We at Greenview Farming are passionate about our cause – creating work by providing services and products that bring people beauty and joy, while still honoring our environment by using organic and sustainable materials.

Our expert teams pride themselves in customer service, hard work and the nurture and care taken into growing our home grown roll on lawn.

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